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Hi, I'm Elina


  I'm a lover of love, and all things romantic. I'm a storyteller at heart, and  I love telling stories with my photos. It is true, anyone can take a snapshot but it takes great skill, passion and artistry to capture a moment in time and true emotion.

 I'm fun and adventurous, and very optimistic. I see the brighter side of everything, and make friends everywhere I go.  So if it's pouring rain on your wedding day, and everyone is freaking out, I promise to be the calming force and still give you the most amazing images you thought were impossible(because of the rain of course).


I hardly ever follow any rules when it comes to photography, I do what feels good to my soul, and makes my heart smile. In doing so, I'm able to create unique and iconic images for my clients. I'm not a trend chaser in life or in my craft, as trends come and go, but authenticity will outlast any fleeting trend. I strive to capture classic and romantic images that make you feel it deep in your heart, and feel nostalgic of the moment passed. And nothing gives you that feeling more, than a beautifully  captured candid  grainy black and white photo, which you'll have a bunch of in your gallery.



 I'm so honored that you're here, and considering me to capture your most precious memories, and tell your story from my perspective and through my lens. Because some day these will be the treasured memories of where it all began.

I currently live in Tampa, Florida with my beautiful family, but love to utilize my knowledge of several languages and travel the world doing what I love most; documenting true love stories!